Commercial Systems

BioCycle® Commercial Systems specialise in wastewater treatment systems ranging in size from Equivalent Population (EP) 15 to EP2000+.

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

BioCycle® Commercial Wastewater Systems

BioCycle® can advise developers, property owners or business managers on the most cost-effective treatment system and infrastructure options for their project to meet local planning requirements.

BioCycle® Commercial Aerobic wastewater treatment systems are available as “Off the Shelf” packages constructed off-site, depending on the nature of the project.

After treatment, purified wastewater can be recycled for landscaping, irrigation or other approved uses. BioCycle® can design systems capable of producing recycled water of any standard up to “A” Class, if required.

Typical Commercial Wastewater projects include:

  • Hotels, caravan parks, resorts
  • Mine Camps
  • Schools and churches
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Wineries and agribusinesses
  • Rural subdivisions
  • Township STED schemes
  • Holiday settlements
  • Remote communities.

View pictures of BioCycle® Commercial aerobic wastewater treatment systems.

BioCycle® Commercial aerobic wastewater treatment systems aim to be the market leader by creating world-class solutions in the environmentally critical field of wastewater and sewage treatment systems. BioCycle® combines technical expertise and innovation with practical solutions to problems based on more than 20 years experience in the wastewater treatment industry.

The primary objective of our BioCycle® Commercial aerobic wastewater treatment systems division is to provide our customers with expert advice at the planning stage of their projects, following this with outstanding service in design and construction stages.

“In today’s market, efficiency and cost effectiveness are the key requirements, along with a clear commitment to quality at all stages of the supply and installation process”.

BioCycle® place a high degree of emphasis on reliability. Adherence to design and construction briefs during design and installation.

BioCycle® offers reliability to performance after commissioning.

BioCycle® Commercial aerobic wastewater treatment systems incorporate the latest available technology in the efficient and reliable treatment of wastewater.

BioCycle® are always developing systems to ensure that they operate at the lowest possible cost, without compromising overall treatment quality.

BioCycle® has installed Commercial wastewater treatment systems at:

  • Uluru Aiport
  • Cooper Pedy Motel Complex
  • Riverside Holiday Homes
  • Metropolitan Golf Course
  • Regional Primary School
  • Winery & Restaurant


For all enquiries regarding Commercial wastewater systems, please contact our Head Office on 08 8381 9100 or Contact Us

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