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Septics (SA Only)

3,000 Litre
3,250 Litre
4,000 Litre
4,250 Litre
5,000 Litre
8,000 Litre
22,000 Litre

Aerobic Wastewater Treatment Systems

South Australia
BioCycle 7000
New South Wales
BioCycle 7000
Western Australia
BioCycle 7000 – 1 tank system
Far North Queensland Only
10EP 6000L
BioCycle 6000S
BioCycle 6000T
BioCycle 10EP 6000
(Lightweight Fibreglass)

BioCycle 7000
BioCycle AT 63
(Super Lightweight 2 tank system)

Rainwater Tanks

South Australia
5,000 Litre
9,000 Litre
22,000 Litre
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