Residential Domestic Wastewater Systems

BioCycle aerobic wastewater treatment systems are the modern, environment-friendly alternative to old-fashioned septic tanks.

BioCycle specialise in domestic Residential wastewater treatment systems.

If your building in a non-sewered area (or just wanting to upgrade from that smelly old septic), it makes sense to install a BioCycle wastewater treatment system for your household ‘grey’ water and sewerage.

The child proof housing for the electrical components keep your children safe from harm.

BioCycle sells residential system throughout Australia. As the states have difference compliance and regulations you can download the InfoPak for your state from the State Wasterwater Information PDFs page.

Watch the video for how the system works:

The BioCycle wastewater treatment systems digest your solid waste and uses a controlled natural process to purify the wastewater. This clean, odourless, disinfected water is then recycled through garden drippers or sprinklers or through sub surface irrigation system.

Under the old-fashioned septic tank conditions all the water used in your house was fed through a septic tank to gravel pits and then wasted.

The BioCycle natural process method for treating sewage and sullage from domestic residential dwellings is based on the age-old principle of separating solids from liquids allowing anaerobic bacteria (which does not require oxygen) and aerobic bacteria (which requires oxygen) to digest the waste.

This natural process of treatment, apart from a mild disinfection, has provided a cost-effective means to dispose of wastewater.

However, being a biological process, some care must be taken not to harm the bacteria used for the purification process.


The irrigation area is determined by an engineers report prior to application. A spray system is usually selected for uses in the designated area of your garden or paddock. The treated wastewater is dispersed through irrigation lines and spray points.

In this way nutrients are returned to nature. This ensures that designated areas of your garden receive the benefit of regular watering. Irrigation is maintained at less than average evaporation rates and ensures that your plants receive regular watering with no run-off occurring.

Sub-surface irrigation for your lawn is another option available. This waters your lawns below the ground stopping valuable evaporation losses and ensuring that your lawn in receiving water and fertiliser.

All wastewater treatment systems require regular maintenance to ensure that the effluent quality consistently meets the standards set by the regulating authority.

Once a BioCycle system is installed, you are assured a total piece of mind. Being a biological process care must be taken not to harm the bacteria used for the purification process.

To ensure that your BioCycle wastewater treatment system operates to the highest possible standard, maintenance is conducted on a regular basis. Every three months a technician will call and check every component in the system, replace the chlorine tablets, if required, and test the water purity level and report as directed to the relevant Health Authority. A copy is also kept on file with your service technician.

A monitoring system is located within the dwelling which alerts the owner in the unlikely event of any malfunction.

The BioCycle wastewater treatment system is covered by full warranties: the electrical items for 24 months, up to 36 months if serviced by BioCycle, and the remainder of the system for 15 years. These warranties commence from the date the system is commissioned.

If you have any further enquiries you can contact us and one of our friendly sales staff with help you with all your needs.



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