What is wastewater?


Wastewater is the generic term for all the effluent and “grey” water produced inside your home.

Wastewater includes the outflow from your:

• toilets • laundry troughs
• baths and showers • washing machines
• handbasins • kitchen sinks
• bathroom/laundry floor drains • dishwashers

This wastewater is heavily contaminated and empties into drainpipes running under the floor of your home, connecting to an underground Main Sewer Drain running around the outside of the house.

Wastewater Treatment SystemsThe average household uses 100-150 litres per person every day.

The Main Sewer Drain leads away from the house, with a gradient so the wastewater and solids flow through it by gravity.

If you live in a city or township, the Main Sewer Drain will usually connect to a municipal sewer running past your property.

If your home is in a non-sewered area, the Drain will usually end at one of the following:

• wastewater treatment system
• septic tank/soakage trenches.

Treated Waste Water can be re-used

Once the BioCycle has treated the wastewater it can be re-used onto your garden or onto a specific allocated irrigation area. Saving you water. Saving the Environment and Saving you money.

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