What is a biocycle?


BioCycle® aerobic wastewater treatment systems efficiently separate and digest solid wastes and treat the wastewater, in a series of controlled biological processes, to a level of purity unattainable by conventional septic systems.

This clean, odour-free water, disinfected to international health and environmental standards – is then automatically recycled to garden irrigation systems.

Internally, the tank is divided into chambers in which the treatment processes occur. Wastewater and effluent from the home moves through the system’s chambers by displacement.

Treated water in the final chamber is automatically pumped out for garden irrigation – recycling it to benefit you and your property.
Local councils throughout Australia increasingly show a preference for aerobic systems in non-sewered areas.

Wastewater and effluent enters the BioCycle® by gravity flow through a single inlet drain, then moves through the system’s chambers by displacement – ie, as untreated water flows into one chamber, treated water flows through an outlet into the next chamber, where the water level is slightly lower.

(roll over the dots in the diagram below to see how the BioCycle® system functions)

Biocycle wastewater system

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