Why choose biocycle?


BioCycle is Australia’s number one name in aerobic wastewater treatment systems – and we’ve gained that reputation through the quality and reliability of our products, the ‘smartness’ and simplicity of our technological processes and the excellence of our service.

The BioCycle design is simple, yet effective. We have resisted the trend to “build in” unnecessary technology that becomes unreliable and expensive to fix later.

We use only the highest-quality materials and electrical components such as pumps, blowers and electronic controls.

We work closely with our Suppliers to develop appropriate specifications and quality measurement procedures – your guarantee of a consistently high quality product.

There are over 25,000 BioCycle® systems installed throughout Australia – BioCycle® is the original aerobic treatment system with the most runs on the board!

As part of our drive to improve all aspects of our product quality, we are currently in the process of certification of all BioCycle® systems to the requirements of AS 1546:2001. This standard governs quality of manufacture in addition to prescribing a method for performance evaluation. For more information, contact us or download relevant documentation.

The BioCycle® culture is based on a professional approach to all aspects of our operation. We work closely with Customers and legislators to ensure that our systems provide excellent value.

In all states, we offer a complete after sales service program –our competitors will hand you off to a Contractor, once the sale is complete with no backing from the manufacturer!

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